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Supply Chain Health Check

Primarius’ Supply Chain Health Check is an intense review carried out on our Client’s existing supply chain. The aim of the review is to identify the range and value of improvement opportunities existing today and also to identify actions which are necessary to achieve these improvements.

Core to the Health Check is how people, processes and systems are correctly working and to identify core issues leading to sub-optimal performance. Detailed inventory data is extracted from the host systems to build a picture of sales performance for each product at every location and then a forecast of future sales is developed for these products. Existing on-hand inventory levels and firmed purchase orders are overlayed into the analysis to build a strong understanding of existing inventory performance and projected future inventory utilisation.

The Health Check is an invaluable source of information, explaining the impact of poor processes and systems and demonstrating the causes of low stock turns and out of stocks. Improvements to the business are modelled with scenarios involving shorter lead-times, reduced order quantities and safety stock levels included. These scenarios clearly show the impact in financial terms of changes to inventory management techniques – by improved stock turns; reduced inventory levels; improved DIFOT –Delivery In Full, On Time order fulfilment rates and reduced product obsolescence. Excess stock is identified and action plans begun to release cash back into the business.

Manufacturing Flow Optimisation

Production scheduling is all about utilising the existing or possible resources available to manufacture as efficiently as possible while meeting anticipated demand requirements. Primarius’ Manufacturing Flow Optimisation service can deliver full production optimisation, scheduling the best use of resources such as –

    • Labour,

    • Machines, and

    • Raw Material.

Our Manufacturing Flow Optimisation service uses forecasts generated via the OMS Inventory Optimisation Solution or through client-generated forecasts as anticipated demand and optimises the production schedule to minimise the cost or maximise the throughput to deliver production efficiencies and improved customer service.

The Manufacturing Flow Optimisation solution can mimic workflows and assembly lines looking at conditional, fixed and variable costs and constraints. Additional shifts and machines can be factored into the models. The solution can handle multiple locations and multiple product recipes, including different product/resource/Bills of Material and costs by location and batch size.

Supply Chain Network Design

Supply Chain Network Design is a key area providing significant operational and financial benefits to an organisation by simultaneously modelling many different criteria and planning scenarios and providing answers to key questions such as –

    • How many stocking locations are required for each product and where should they be?

    • Where should the production or assembly facilities be located?

    • What are the optimum product replenishment modes?

    • How many suppliers should be utilised?

    • What markets should have more – or less- focus on?

    • What are the impacts if business drivers such as costs or growth rates change?

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