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Resource Optimisation
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Resource and Route Optimisation
Resource and Route Optimisation
Many companies are in business to provide field service solutions to their clients.

They may be

• Product Installation companies

• Technical Service and Repair Teams

• Field Sales or Service Agents

Each of these companies face complex scheduling and routing tasks if they are to operate with high levels of productivity which they need to be profitable. There may be conflicting tasks, limitations on resources, time issues and many other constraints needing to be factored into routes. And, above all, there is a need to have to constantly re-plan schedules as customers change their requirements.

In this environment, a business has to dynamically manage this complexity and continually produce the best schedules and routes.

Primarius specialises in providing solutions for these complex planning problems. Our Resource and Route Optimisation solutions manage the complexity of multiple constraints to provide field service teams with routes planned for maximum efficiency based on the latest tasks, resources, times and other constraints applicable to the work.

Our solutions provide business with the ability to handle multiple constraints such as –

Activities conducted ( When, What, Amount),

Resources ( Assets, People, Equipment and Availabilities),

Productivity (By Resource, Activity, Time Period),

Priorities (Rules of Engagement),

Service levels (Acceptable or Required), and

Costs (Fixed, Variable, Marginal).

Our solutions provide –

Simple data interface,

Route schedules with turn by turn instructions,

Dynamic routing via HP/SMS Communications

Utilisation over WAN or Web

Google Maps interface and

Interface capabilities with GPS Tracking Systems.
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