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"Supply chain improvements
can make a huge impact
on the profitability and
viability of a business.
A great example is PolyOne,
a US manufacturer of
specialised polymers.
From being on the verge
of bankruptcy, PolyOne
turned the business around".

"Instead, the company generated
$218 million of free cash flow

in 2009 and reduced net debt by
$223 million. Its share price has
about 580 percent to $8.97 from
its low of $1.32 in March 2009.
Some analysts are now
recommending PolyOne stock
as a buy.
How did the company increase
cash flow in such a short time and
during one of the worst economic
recessions in history?
Largely through improvements
in supply chain management.

The solutions provided by Primarius are –

Advisory Services

• Supply Chain Health Check

• Manufacturing Flow Optimisation and

• Supply Chain Network Design

Optimisation Solutions

• OMS Inventory Optimisation

• Product Sourcing

• Resource and Route Optimisation

• Vehicle Routing Optimisation and

• Warehouse Optimisation


Primarius provides a complete range of supply chain services covering the critical areas of planning, sourcing, buying, storage and delivery.
Primarius OMS

Plan – Primarius provides specialist support to assist business in the earliest stages of designing the supply chain and planning the physical distribution of products (Supply Chain Network Design) through to producing demand plans incorporating sophisticated product forecasts (OMS Inventory Optimisation). Our Planning also involves understanding the flaws in the current supply chain, identifying improvement opportunities and developing strategies to improve the supply chain (Supply Chain Health Check).
Resource planning and scheduling, involving route planning and resource utilisation, is catered for by specialist systems developed by Primarius. Our Field Service Optimisation solution enables companies who need to plan, schedule and route the provision of services (for example, field installation or repair teams) with the necessary planning tools to meet client requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.
Similarly, Primarius' Vehicle Routing Optimisation solution enables transport companies to optimise trucks, drivers, loads and delivery schedules and provide route plans and delivery instructions for transport fleets.

Source - Primarius’ expertise in global sourcing can be utilised to provide product at lower total cost, with order quantities more appropriate to the needs of the business, with reduced lead-times, with improved logistics costs to provide overall increased delivered profit (Product Sourcing).

Buy - Primarius has developed unique demand planning and order management toolsets which enable a business to order the inventory it needs, in the optimum quantity required taking account for future demand, yet dramatically reducing the potential for product out of stocks. These toolsets reduce inventory levels significantly and improve stock turns (OMS Inventory Optimisation).

Store - Improvements in the upstream processes to bring raw materials in quickly and efficiently are wasted if raw material is stockpiled due to capacity constraints in machinery. Likewise if work-in-progress inventory piles up on the factory floor due to poor scheduling or inefficient routings, upstream improvements are lost. Primarius provides specialised services in advanced production scheduling and routings to improve production efficiencies and reduce cycle times (Manufacturing Flow Optimisation).

Warehouse design including configuration, layout, equipment used and resources is a critical factor in supply chains being able to deliver customer orders on time, in full and at the best delivered cost. Primarius provides a unique Warehouse Optimisation solution which provides business with the solution of optimal warehouse design, setup, manning and material handling equipment necessary to achieve performance targets.

Deliver - Primarius provides business with a number of critical solutions:

Distribution Planning – the OMS Inventory Optimisation solution enables full distribution planning, determining which products need to be transferred to other company locations to meet customer service levels.

Field Service Optimisation – our specialised solution provides companies with the systems and expertise to optimise a large range of field service constraints such as tasks, resources, destinations and costs to deliver a service or task on time and to customer specification.

Transport Scheduling and Routing – Primarius’ Vehicle Routing Optimisation solution enables a logistics business to be able to dynamically schedule, route and optimise transport services based on a multitude of constraints and provide mapping, tracking and SMS message capabilities.

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